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Varsity Football Produced by Red Mountain (Student Production)

RM Football Team Off Season Produced by the staff and/or students of Red Mountain High School.

Offense - Total Yards

Luke Rubenzer 5453 yds
Anthony Hernandez 4652 yds
Dalton Sneed 4238 yds
Jagan Cleary 3729 yds
Zach Werlinger 3607 yds
Emanuel Gant 3578 yds
Rafael Adames 3457 yds
Joshua Eckley 3445 yds
Tyler Wyatt 3423 yds
Nick Smith 3416 yds

Special Teams - Punt Returns

Delano (Tony) Walker 32.09 yds avg
Taylor Fitzgerald 31.00 yds avg
Ben Sims 31.00 yds avg
Dominic Bravo 31.00 yds avg
Darius Aguirre 29.00 yds avg
Jordan Leary 28.79 yds avg
Cole Sterns 24.80 yds avg
Elijah Anderson 24.70 yds avg
Nate Gutierrez 24.23 yds avg
Coty Baxter 21.80 yds avg

Offense - Rushing

Taren Morrison 2587 yds
Dallyn Despain 2494 yds
Weston Barlow 2335 yds
Chris Salsberry 2216 yds
Brandon Long 2204 yds
Scottie Jordan 1927 yds
Brenton Goldtooth 1881 yds
Antwain Marlowe 1820 yds
Marquice Paige 1804 yds
Richie Estrada 1739 yds

Special Teams - Field Goals

Cody McBride 10 made
Noe Pereles 10 made
Alex Moyes 10 made
Ben Sweet 9 made
Danny McAtamney 9 made
Phillip Mourikes 9 made
Landon Whitlow 8 made
Mitchell Albrect 8 made
Joe Cavale 7 made
Grant Hubble 7 made