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Football Produced by Red Mountain (Student Production)

Football Spring Carnival Produced by the staff and/or students of Red Mountain High School.

Special Teams - Punts

Jake Glatting 46.26 yds avg
Matt Aragon 43.96 yds avg
Oscar Cortez 43.94 yds avg
TJ Widner 41.79 yds avg
Ben Honea 41.35 yds avg
Ben Sweet 41.23 yds avg
Austin Perkins 40.50 yds avg
Lorenzo Sanchez 40.00 yds avg
Austin Wells 39.92 yds avg
Kyle Johnson 39.09 yds avg

Special Teams - Punt Returns

Delano (Tony) Walker 32.09 yds avg
Taylor Fitzgerald 31.00 yds avg
Ben Sims 31.00 yds avg
Dominic Bravo 31.00 yds avg
Darius Aguirre 29.00 yds avg
Jordan Leary 28.79 yds avg
Cole Sterns 24.80 yds avg
Elijah Anderson 24.70 yds avg
Nate Gutierrez 24.23 yds avg
Coty Baxter 21.80 yds avg

Offense - Rushing

Taren Morrison 2587 yds
Dallyn Despain 2494 yds
Weston Barlow 2335 yds
Chris Salsberry 2216 yds
Brandon Long 2204 yds
Scottie Jordan 1927 yds
Brenton Goldtooth 1881 yds
Antwain Marlowe 1820 yds
Marquice Paige 1804 yds
Richie Estrada 1739 yds

Defense - Tackles

Matt Munsil 173 tackles
Jake Casteel 167 tackles
Taylor Powell 161 tackles
Austin Baldwin 160 tackles
Shem Bowman 155 tackles
Moisis Barcenas 153 tackles
Andrew Rodriguez 147 tackles
Greg Frasco 143 tackles
Ramon Castro 141 tackles
Jesse Zwick 140 tackles