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Les Willsey

Staff Writer,

New divisions set for 2013-2015, D-I FB drops from 42 to 29

Nov 28, 2012

With Tucson High, Sunnyside and Buena winning appeals to the Arizona Interscholastic Association's executive board to move down from Division I to Division II in football, there are no longer any southern Arizona schools in D-I in the sport for the next scheduling block 2013-2015.

The move down a division of those schools plus earlier approval down of Cibola, San Luis, Westwood and Mesquite leaves D-I the smallest of the five football divisions with 29 schools. D-I was comprised of 42 schools in the 2011-2013 block. Other schools who were in D-I the last two-year block and now down a division or two are Kofa, Yuma, Trevor Browne, Tolleson, St.  Mary's, Central, Carl Hayden and Alhambra. The four schools new to D-I for the coming two-year block are Cesar Chavez, Horizon, Millennium and Perry. East Valley schools now comprise more than half of D-I membership (15 schools).

The number of schools in other football divisions for 2013-2015: Division II (44); D-III (48); D-IV (32), D-V (49) and D-VI eight-man football (30). Division II had 42 schools in the last block, D-III had 40, D-IV had 32, D-V had 38 and D-VI had 37.