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Jose Garcia

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Saturday radio show topics: All-Star game, 50-mile rules

Dec 14, 2012

It’s been a busy week around the Arizona Interscholastic Association.

But the Arizona Preps 365 radio crew isn’t complaining, because they’ll have plenty to talk about during Saturday’s weekly morning show on 620 AM. The eventful week started with the AIA’s monthly executive board meeting on Monday, when the board announced that it’s getting closer to crafting a proposal for a 50-mile transfer rule.

But other important topics also materialized this week, including the importance of the AIA’s All-Star game bylaw. Chuck Schmidt of the AIA will join the radio show's hosts on Saturday in studio to talk about the AIA’s eventful week.

Arizona Preps 365 also is planning to recap Friday’s top games as well as, as they usually do, have some fun during the two-hour show. So make sure to tune in to Jim “Miami Vice” Grieshaber, Craig “Mr. All Over the Sports Map” Grialou, Kandice “Lebrandace” Hurdle and Pablo “The Boss” Rios starting at 9 a.m.

Saturday show lineup

9 a.m.: Intro. Football Player of the Year and Coach of the Year candidates.

9:15: Recap of Friday’s top games. Shadow Mountain boys basketball coach.

9:30: Douglas and Bisbee being voted the west region’s best football rivalry by USA Today.

10: AIA365 writer Don Ketchum.

10:30 Chuck Schmidt of the AIA.